What We Do

We create T-Shirts, Hats, Hoodies and other Goodies. Our apparel is made with the best materials. Most of our apparel is 100% Cotton. We have researched several materials before we decided what’s best for our customers to wear. Our apparel is so soft, comfortable and true to size, you won’t know that until you buy. Even after several washes and wears, our apparel will hold up for years. Our clothing sayings will bring a smile to your face, You’ll stand out like you won first place. (Be aware of letting someone borrow your T-Shirt, Hat or Hoodie. They might not give it back, it will become their Goodies)

In 2021, after the Covid-19 pandemic rocked the world, Richard McNeil, already a successful businessman (a CEO of several corporations), found how five words could become the basis for a new and exciting business that could offer employment opportunities AND an opportunity to change the world one smile at a time.

My Story

In 2021 after the Pandemic (COVID-19) rocked the world, Richard McNeil discovered how five words could change the direction of the business from a very successful business of which he currently owns and is CEO.

A good friend and I were leaving my office for lunch one day. I got this phone call from one of my employees about something insane and that made no common sense whatsoever. I got very upset at what he was telling me and I abruptly hung up the phone. I turned to my friend and said “I’m Retired
From The Bullshit”. My friend laughed hysterically at what I had blurted out. I thought to myself and said to my friend, “I need to put that saying on a shirt”.

The next day my friends and I go to the King of Prussia Mall and found a place that could do on-the-spot t-shirt printing. I printed two t-shirts with “I’m Retired From The Bullshit” on them, one for me and one for my friend. I knew I was on to something because the guy that printed the shirts for me was laughing hysterically when he saw what I needed to be printed. He said you have a winner there.

The next day I put the t-shirt on to take it for a test spin. I walk into the Local WAWA and everyone was asking where I got that shirt from and that they want one immediately.

With me having current experience with running a successful business, I knew I was on to something big. The people’s reaction to my t-shirt really blew my mind. I had to act fast. I located a silkscreen print Shop and ordered several copies of the t-shirt with “I’m Retired from The BullShit” on it. I went back to the same local WAWA and SOLD OUT of the t-shirts in 1 hour. I’m now on Fire!!!! I present to you: INeed2WearThat.com. A full retail store (Located 5 minutes from the King of Prussia Mall – Norristown, PA), Many sizes, colors, and selections to choose from, fast shipping, if the product is in stock, and plenty of fun saying for you to wear that represents you or somebody. History Begins!